Admission And Withdrawal

Admission is done by the Rector and his council in accordance with the admission policy of the institution.

The School authorities declare that they do not accept any donation in connection with admission. No donation or contribution should be given to anyone for this purpose. Admission is open to L.K.G. only. Boys who have completed the age of 3 on July 31st shall be admitted into L.K.G. The Baptism Certificate or the Birth Certificate should be produced before admission.

The Management is not responsible for further studies of the students after their Standard V. Application for transfer certificate shall be made in writing to the Principal by the parent or guardian of the pupil. When such an application is made after a year from the date of the pupil's leaving the school prescribed fee will be charged for each year that has elapsed. No conduct certificate will be issued to any pupil who applies for it a year after he has left and no certificates of any kind will be given to students in arrears of fees.

There are four terms per year.

First term - June to August

Second term - September to November

Third term - December to February

Fourth term - March to May

The Term and special fees are to be paid before the 10th of September, December and March failing which a fine of Rs. 20/- or more will be levied. Pupils who do not pay the fees by the 15th of the respective months will not be permitted to attend classes. The pupil joining or leaving the school during the course of the year shall pay fees for the whole year. Fees once paid are not refundable.