Pupils must be punctual for class. Late comers should not enter the class without the written permission of the one in charge. Repeated failures in punctuality may warrant more serious action.

No pupil may absent himself without obtaining leave previously in writing. If for any grave reason a pupil is absent without prior leave, on his return he must bring the parent to obtain permission before entering class. But If a pupil is absent for five consecutive days without prior permission, his name will be removed from the rolls.

If he is to be readmitted he will have to pay the admission fee and a fine decided by the Principal.

Pupils must return to school on the appointed day after the holiday. Absence on the opening day of a term or after special holidays such as for Christmas, Deepavali , Michaelmas, Pongal etc., will be punishable with a fine of Rs. 50/- or more.

In case of sickness, leave should be obtained before class commences and a medical certificate should be produced on return.

The pupil who has absented himself with prior leave must on his return, obtain permission in writing to re-enter the class.

Every pupil must see that his leave absence and punctuality records are always in order.