Classes Hours



The first session will be from 8.30 to 12.30 and the second from 1.05 p.m. to 3.15 At the first bell at 8.30 and at 1.05 all must move towards the assembly ground and the class room respectively. Both sessions begin with a common prayer for the whole school and end with common prayer for the whole class. A devout posture is expected from every one during prayer.

In the class room place is allotted to each pupil by the class teacher and no pupil may change it by himself. Likewise no one may move from place to place or go out of the class room without permission.

When teachers or persons to whom respect is due enter the classroom or leave it pupils must stand up and greet them respectfully.

Silence is to be maintained in the classroom. If any one to ask question or doubts, he must raise hand and obtain permission.

Loud talking or clapping of hands or any disturbance near by classes is never allowed. For choral recitation or singing or anything else that is liable to ca disturbance to other classes, pupils will be taken outdoors, with the permission of the Principal.

In the absence of the teacher the class leader immediately takes charge of the class and reports fact to the Principal. Pupils are expected to study their lessons in strict silence until the arrival of the teacher.