For Parents


Ordinarily the admission is done for LKG at the beginning of the year. Admissions to other classes will be done based on the number of seats available. The parents have to fill the application forms and submit it to the School office on time. The parents together with the children will be called for an interview in which all the documents needed should be given. On the payment of admission fees the admission will be confirmed. On the payment of first term fees the books, uniforms, ID will be provided.


There will be regular communication between the school and the parents. At present the whats app groups are established for the communication. The parents are expected to see regularly the communication regularly and act accordingly. There will be communication regarding home work, late attendance, absenteeism, meetings, programmes, holidays, examinations, the examination results, open day etc.

Fees payment

The parents are expected to pay the fees within the time frame set by the management. Any exception can be only with the explicit permission of the correspondent. The payment receipts should be kept with the parents for any clarification. Payment can be done by cash or by cheques.


No donation is allowed during the time of admission. The parents are asked not to give any donation to anyone to get admission. The school does not authorize anyone to get donation for the sake of getting admission in the school.


The weak students are given tuition in the school with the consent of the parents after the classes. Their progress is being monitored.

Meals and Snacks

The parents are expected to give to their children lunch and snacks boxes separately. Parents are not allowed to feed their children in the school. The class teachers will see to their meals and snacks.


Accidents may happen as they come to the school and when they get back from the school. The school cannot be held responsible for any accident which takes place. Inside the school, if there are some minor injuries due to the falling of the children or pushing and pulling by the children, the first aid will be given and the parents will be informed to come and take their children home. Parents are not expected to argue with the teachers but politely tell their grievances to the Headmistress.

Academic tour

The school may arrange academic tour for the children. The details will be discussed with the PTA.


The Educative Pastoral Community Council is formed to improve the quality of the school. Every class will be represented by a parent, a student and a past pupil. All the suggestions for the betterment of the school will be considered and discussed.

Parents’ meeting

Once in a term, parents meeting will be held to animate the parents on certain important aspects of parenting. All the parents are expected to attend the meetings.

Admission in High School

When the children complete 5th Standard, the eligible candidates will be given admission in our Higher Secondary School (English Medium) depending upon the good conduct of the children and the parents.